Patrício Batsikama, Luanda, Angola. Philosopher and Art Historian

Concerning the themes, the painter puts in evidence Ouragan, Nkisi Nkôndi and a series of proverbs of his own language and languages where he’s from. Meanwhile, he metamorphoses sensibly these subjects in a morphologic exemption whose content appears through the dualism monologue/ dialogue, like that the Portuguese teaching chemistry in kimbundu, and in his time the Chinese dancing Mukixi with Inca trumpet and shouts without frontiersmen. With no doubt, we are in front of some agglutination where culture, politics, science, etc. have monotonous semantics. Art, Religion and Science are, as I always defended, twins for one same aim: Art looks for the truth using the fancy; the Religion uses the faith to reach the truth; while Science uses the test. Although still disconformities – thing that only the experience grants resolution – Hildebrando already explores the Art in its true dimension: philosophical. Spirit or better Spirits are a kyrielle of meditations (synthesis of Theme/ Morphos/Content) however of transcendentalism arguing the atheism being a belief (faith) certificated (Nksisi Nkondi); however of neo-Platonism anti- Platonizing any antagonistic Politics as inevitably dueto in itself (Ouragan); however of an utopism appreciating the real world with the eyes wrongly open and nauseated by the Lamartinian fidget (from the great French Poet Lamartine). Next time, Hildebrando will have to define his philosophical or idiosyncratic axle to structure its real “I”. A question of time! The Art must be experienced. Epistemologically, “From body and Soul” and “Spirits” seem to me a dichotomy of his first great ante-project that will eye-opened in a future, which already started.