By Manuel Dionísio, Luanda, Angola. Journalist, Art Critic, Writer.

In which and time are we? We are here and today. The past no longer exists, had lost himself. We live on the top of a wave in which nothing changes. Everything is immutable, and yet… it moves forward. The kindness of that movement however, leads us to a relative appreciation of the time, in which real essence and importance escapes from us. What is then the secret of time? Is it movement? Indeed, we are in the presence of a game of illusions. Time results from the illusion of the space in movement. Yet, the light from the distant stars was emitted so long ago that many of them no longer exist. But we still see their brightness. We should look at Hildebrando de Melo paintings with this reflection in mind. And how he paints. And perhaps the most mysterious, why he paints. And for whom.