As a child in Angola, I used to build roads of Sand, and i would play with toy cars and insects that i captured. I would create stories out of these things. As an adult, i am still like that child, Hildebrando.

These things grew out of the state  of terror and war in my country. I lived in a city named Lobito, and when i was five years old, i remember seeing a dead body, spread on the ground at the Catumbela airport. I was only a child, traveling to Europe, but the memory has always stayed with me. It is like a wave that crashes against the shore and recedes.

From that tender age, i have questioned existence. Where do life and nature come from? I have always had a desire to see God. I wondered what he would look like, how he would be.

One of my artistic pursuits is to wrestle with these questions. It is something i want to manifest in my art, but i don´t know what it is, exactly. I feel close to an answer sometimes, but it is just out of reach, amorphous.

So i dedicate myself to this search. I have imposed on myself a mission to ask where life starts. I paint, practice, experiment, discover. I want to explore this: What is the origin of everything?

I want to go farther into the human imagination, where it has never reached before. I want to discover new stops in the mind´s landscape. My intuition leads me to cross boundaries, to travel farther with each work i make.

I like to analyze the existence and observe the behaviour of all species. I like to treat painting as a living organism, too. It is like a vírus that grows, mutates, divides, and aggregates in scientific terms. A vírus needs proteins to survive. My painting are hungry. They feed on disease, natural disasters, and God.