Over the last two decades, with the emergence of a new generation of artists, Angolan visual arts have experience a renewal and an aesthetic mutation.

Without aiming to make a complete break with the past, this new generation of artists, of which Hildebrando de Melo is one, has given us works of great richness, in that they do not confirne themselves to mere aesthetic observation and comprehension of the everyday.

Hildebrando Melo´s artistic creations are a fusion of “looking deep into the reality that surrounds us” with personal experiences and culture influences from the contemporary world.

Hildebrando de Melo interprets and explores the mysticism and soul of African as few have done, transposing and balance both aggression and balance, which gives his production an unparallelled symbolic force and universality.

Título Title – Santu-Pé-ía over view

Medidas Messures: 130 x 90 cm

Técnica Tecnic: Acrílico s\Tela

Ano Year: 2012

Título Title – Louva-a-Deus Position II

Medidas Messures: 1 x 1 m

Técnica Tecnic: Acrílico s\Tela

Ano Year: 2012

Project 01 | 200×200 cm | Acrilic | 2017